Fall is here and we are back in action.  So far we’ve had a good start.  Here are a few of the happenings lately.

Our home group started meeting again at the end of August and it was really encouraging. Initially the 3 families that are part of our core group got together to discuss the next year and we were able to freshly look at things and get on the same page and same mind really quickly. That was really encouraging after spending the past years working on understanding how the vision we had for the group was going to make an impact on the group and the people we come in connection with.

Then on our first meeting all together we were about 25 people and it was a great evening together. We decided to start a study called Starting Point that we had translated in Italian many years ago. This will give an opportunity to each one (from the people that are just taking small steps toward faith in Jesus and the ones that are walking on His road from quite some time) to grow and help others to grow in Christ. 

Pray for Vito, a widow man that comes to our house group. He came to our church gathering this past Sunday and we hope that he continues to be open and continues to have a desire to be with us. 

This passed weekend our church lead a Gospel workshop. Yes, a Gospel workshop in Italy. Our church in the past already held this kind of workshop and now after 3 years some people showed interest in wanting to redo this experience. So we were able to connect to a British Gospel choir director that lead the workshop.  It was a truly special experience.  As John, the director, spoke about his life and his desire to follow Jesus and His relationship with God while explaining the meaning of the songs it was pretty amazing to think of all the seeds being planted.  There were at least 200 people at the concert and Sunday’s service had the choir sing again.  They were able to hear the gospel preached and Andrea really challenged everyone in his message to not follow their preconceived assumptions of who Jesus is, but to really begin taking steps in discovering who He is.  Three people approached Elio at the end saying that they were very moved by the way everything was spoken about and intrigued to return to our church service the following week.  We pray that for the many people that came it would be a step in a direction toward a relationship with Christ and the He would continue to draw them to our church community.

Adrien started primary school. In this past two weeks he seems to do really good and we pray that this new season in his life would be positive and encouraging for him.  At the same time he has also started the new soccer season. Adrien has been moved with the older kids. He is really excited. We pray for the relationships we were able to make during the past soccer season and thank you for praying for Adrien to be on the team God wanted him to be on.  In the end a lot of the relationships we started will be continuing, because the children were also moved to his team!  

A few weeks ago were at an Italian church planters family retreat. It was a meaningful time to reconnect with other people in Italy that have the same passion we have to see the Gospel spread and new churches to be planted.

Thank you for standing in prayer with us!  We are so grateful for you and to be on mission with you for God's Kingdom! 





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