McKenzie Rae Art has been launched!


Thank you so much for your prayers for McKenzie’s artwork and the possibilites to use her gifts to glorify God and share Him with others through paintings and artistic events.  This Saturday, December 2nd she has organized a collaborative art event.  McKenzie hopes to use her artwork to express the beauty of God’s creation and spark curiosity for viewers to contemplate His presence in this world.  The other artists are all from the Gruppo Carso that meets in our home.  Robert and Pieter will be accompanying the show with instrumental guitar and piano music.  Marlijn a young women in the group will be displaying her paintings.  Mathilde and her coworking Ruzanna will be displaying the jewelry that they’ve been making with a group of refugees that are now living in Trieste.  Ambra is creating different foods for the wine tasting and Adrien will even be displaying a few of his paintings!  Unfortunately, Valentina will not be performing a dance, because her father just passed away two days ago.  She will not be able to attend.  There are many people invited and we are hoping for a great turn out.  We are praying for all the details to come together smoothly and for the evening to be a special time to share God’s love, amazing creation and the gifts He’s given us all.  Thank you for praying with us!



As mentioned above, Valentina’s father recently passed away in an unexpected and rapid way. He was taking medication for a lung disease for several years, but with a recent bout of pneumonia his lungs couldn’t handle it and they stopped functioning.  Vale called Andrea to the hospital the day of his death.  They wanted him to pray with them all.  Andrea arrived just minutes after her father passed.  He was able to pray with Vale, her sister and mom and they were very thankful for him to have come.  This has been a very hard situation for Valentina and her family.  Please pray that we can continue to be a support to her and her family and that God would comfort them and draw them into an intimate relationship with Him.  



Please pray for Paolo, Eleonora and Filippo.  We have become quite close with this family and Paolo is even helping to coach Adrien’s soccer team.  He has many gifts in leading and encouraging these children and we are praying that he would desire God and that we could shine Christ to them all as a family.  He and Andrea have developed a unique friendship.  Please pray for Andrea to be a light and an example for Paolo.  



McKenzie is continuing with English on Tuesday afternoons.  It has been going well with such a small group.  However, she has been asked by a parent’s association to lead a project in Art and English.  She is not sure how she will be able to juggle it all, so please pray for wisdom in making future decisions. 



Adrien has been loving school.  We’ve gotten great reports from his teachers and he’s really growing up.  His passion for soccer continues and we are thankful for it, because it really connects us with so many families! 


Please pray for Andrea as he is helping with all the administrative details for publicizing and selling my artwork.  It is a very complicated and stressful system here in Italy if you want to do things correctly.  So, I get discouraged and want to give up.  Please pray for the right people to help guide us and the wisdom to make the right decisions for how to proceed.  With the money we earn through this artwork we desire to use it toward many more ministry endeavors that shine God through art.  However, this system here will have us paying so many taxes that we may not have the ability to earn anything.


Please pray for our church TRE.  We have recently been discussing changing our meeting location.  The prices in Trieste for other spaces are extremely high and we are unable to find something that would meet the needs we have as a church.  One of our options is to close our contract on our current space and meet only in our homes for a period of time.  We would continue our search for a space that would be better for our needs in the meantime.  This could be strategic in growing our two home church groups, but it is also a risk.  Please pray that we would be unified in the decision process and pray that God would guide us to where He wants us doing what He wants us doing.  Thank you!



Sarah and Graham have found a new home!  They will be moving in the next two weeks!  

We have several new people coming to our city, home church group (Gruppo Centro) and our Sunday service.  One girl, Cristina, is talking about wanting to be baptized! 

We had a great visit from our PI leaders RuthAnn, Doug and Tricia.  We were able to work with our teammates in team building and it gave some good insight.   

Thank you for standing in prayer with us!  We are so grateful for you and to be on mission with you for God's Kingdom! 





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