Greetings from Italy! Thanks for your prayers! The school project turned out pretty well. The work was a success and got done in time. We had a group from our church to come and help! We were able to help to paint and stucco the 2nd floor of the school and we had also the opportunity to have some good conversation and make connections with people. McKenzie's Discovery Bible Study is continuing great and Valentina and Montse are more open and desiring each time to know more about God! Praise Him! The art show had a pretty good turn out. Many people were impressed upon by the messages of God that were expressed in several art pieces.



WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO THAT WAS PART OF THE ART PROJECT (if you have trouble getting the video to play CLICK HERE to watch it)

  • Pray for me as I'm now officially an elder at church. Pray that I will be keeping my eyes on Jesus and I will always look at Him for direction. Pray that I can help this body to be missional and to move forward in planting churches.
  • Pray for Valentina and Montse husbands (Stefano and Luca). V & M expressed their desire for S & L to have interest in knowing God and taking steps forward in that process.
  • Adrien has officiali finished pre-school for the year. We will be taking a week off to rest and reflect and spend time as a family. Please pray that it would be a time of refreshment and refocusing for us.

Thanks so much for praying with us. God Bless!


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