Thanks so much for your prayers last month. Elisabetta the lady that fell last month woke up from her coma and she is doing better. She will be going through rehab. McKenzie was able to spend some good time with her children and share the hope of the Gospel. Keep her in your prayers. Keep praying also for Valentina and Montse. They started the Discovery Bible study with McKenzie and went really well. They were excited and want to continue. Pray that God will continue opening their heart.

  • This Friday the 12th, we will be continuing a project we started last year about helping renovating a local elementary school in the neighbourhood. Many kid's parents will volunteer to help. Please pray for good connections and conversations. Our church will be helping too. Please pray that people in our church will come and serve along side us. We pray for them to catch the vision to be a blessing in our city. Below a picture before and after some of the work we did last year.


  • Saturday the 13th, we will be hosting in our church space the gallery art show for the art initiative that McKenzie facilitated since January. Pray for good connections and conversations about the artwork and God.
  • One of the pastors of the church is an American married with an Italian (Matt and Barbara). They are both working as teachers but would like to be full time in ministry. After 15 years in Italy they will be going back to the USA for a few years to raise support to come back as full time in ministry. Please pray for them as they will be leaving next month. They will be going to the US Embassy next week as his wife needs to get a visa. This time will be pretty stressful has they have a lot of things to do before they leave. If you want to know more about them and their passion for the Italian church, take a look at this VIDEO.

Thanks so much for praying with us God Bless!


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