Ciao a tutti! Hope you have had a great summer.  Ours was full and really flew by.  We spent some great time with friends and family and are so thankful for all the events and encounters we had with various people throughout the season. God is really working in our relationships and giving us opportunities to share the gospel and our lives with those around us.  We continue to pray that He will help us to grow and nurture these relationships so that He will be known.  

Since our last update Elio and his family have come back from the US.  Their time there was very encouraging as they met new friends and visited old ones. They were able to share more about what God is doing in Trieste and in Italy and were inspired by the different churches they were able to visit.

Robert and Ambra have an official date. They are getting married next June!  Since they have asked me to marry them, we are praying that God would allow us to have gone and come back from Nicaragua by that time.  We are still waiting to be matched with a child.  

Italy Church Planters Family Retreat IMPATTO-  This was such a fun and encouraging time for our Pioneers team to be with other church planters and their families here in Italy.  The kids so enjoyed being together, seeing old friends and making new ones!  These relationships are so important for them as they grow up.  Considering that each part of Italy where they live has an evangelical presence that is less than 1% they may be the one believing family in their neighborhood, school or even whole town.  Pray that Jesus would capture and drive the hearts of these children and make them lights to those around them.

During one of our worship gatherings we were able to pray for our children and they prayed for us!  It was such a special moment.  Adrien looked up and asked us, "why are we only three mamma?"  We reminded him that it wouldn't be long before he would have a brother or sister!  So precious.

Adrien was so excited to get back to school. The teachers have commented on how much he's grown and how much he is opening up and chatting with them.  He has also started playing soccer and loving it!

This month you can pray for:

  • We are leading a study on relationships in our community group (Gruppo Carso). We will be touching on various aspects of relationships including marriage.  Please pray that God would lead us as we prepare this study.  We desire for it to help us grow in our understanding of how God wants a relationship with us and how He wants us to have a relationship with others.  Montse, Vale and family have already come once and we are praying that nothing would hinder them from continuing to come.
  • Wisdom in deciding how to prioritize which areas of ministry to concentrate on and when. School, sports, friendships, teammates, church family, conferences, gifts and passions, evangelistic events are some of the areas where there is much opportunity for us to pour ourselves into relationships.  We need God to show us how best to do it.  
  • Together with our church we are trying to organise a summer camp for the kids.  This opportunity came from the school paint project. There a lots of things to discuss and put together. We are waiting for more details from the school. Pray for direction, easy decisions and that communications could flow easily and not get delayed.
  • Since the tea party last spring our neighbors have been opening up and desiring more community.  One couple in particular has shown interest.  They constantly ask questions about what we believe.  We've invited them to our Gruppo Carso, but they haven't come yet.  Please pray that they would come.   
  • My mother, Graziella, is not doing well emotionally and psychologically.  It is a heavy burden for me, because she is alone.  She lives 20 minutes away, but we are thinking that she needs to be closer to us.  We are praying that she will be able to rent the townhouse next door.  It will take a miracle for it all to work out.  We are asking God to guide us and help us to know if this is the best thing for her and for us.   
  • Please continue to pray for us as we wait in this adoption process.  We are hoping that our paperwork is in the right hands and that they are matching us up with the child God desires us to have as we speak.   

One of McKenzie's passions is horses.  We are so thankful to have found a great barn with trail riding. She's been able to go a couple times with friends and girls from our Gruppo Carso.  It's pretty amazing to be able to enjoy God's creation while praying for those you are with, who don't know Him, to see HIm in it all.  

Thank you for standing in prayer with us!  We are so grateful for you and to be on mission with you for God's Kingdom! 





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