Ciao! Thanks for praying with us! Our trip back to Italy was better that we expected. Adrien was tired and slept much of the way back. If you have missed our presentation you could watch our short video by clicking on the link When we arrived we were right back into ministry life. In this past 3 weeks we had several meetings and retreats. It was a bit hard in the beginning trying to catch up sleep and with the jet lag being tired and going to different important meetings 2 days after we landed but it was good to be back and see how God is moving. Adrien went right back happily to school after being off for 6 weeks! This was a blessing! This below are a few things you can pray with us:

  • Pray for direction as we are exploring possibilities for a new meeting place for the church. There are lots of things that have to fall in place. We are currently asking for wisdom and seeking God if this is the right move.
  • Pray for our new teammates the Carmichaels! They still need about 20% of their support before they can leave for Italy. We are praying that the support will come in before March 28th which is their potential departure date.
   From left to right: Amy, Lydia, Margo and Gary.     
  From left to right: Amy, Lydia, Margo and Gary. 
  • Pray for our church unity. Our Pioneers team has been working alongside the church leaders to develop a culture in which the believers live out the gospel in their lives everyday and not just on Sunday.  We've seen much growth and good fruit, but also some push back. Our hope is that God would use the members who have caught the vision to be examples for the others and that He would use it all in order to grow this community and plant new churches. 

God Bless,



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