Ciao a tutti! Thanks for keep praying for us and the ministry here in Italy! August slipped by very quickly and summer vacations are getting to an end. "Normal" life is coming back together. We had lots of good ministry occasions during the summer and we were very blessed by them. The "Action Team", I mentioned last month, continues to grow together and we are planning for next year's ministry. Valentina and Montse are still studying God's word and their interest in discovering more is growing. Keep them in your prayers.

  • Ambra is a new believer in our church. She gave her life to Christ in the past few months and now she wants to get baptised. I'm going to have the privilege to baptise her in the sea, weather permitting,  September 12th. Pray for her as she matures in knowing Christ every day.
  • A new season for our gospel communities (small groups) is starting. We hope the people in church will catch the vision for the groups to be people living life-on-life together on mission.
    We would like the small groups to have a common identity with a commitment to pastoring one another, applying the Gospel to each other’s lives, and working together to witness Christ in the various spheres of their lives. These groups are the core unit of church life, the place where evangelism, pastoral care, discipleship and life take place.
  • We will be traveling to a conference in the next week. A group of church leaders is getting together to worship, learn, discuss and pray together. We are united in wanting to see churches that plant churches that will plant other churches. A network of like minded people is growing in Italy. We can see some movement and we are praying that God will bust the door open in this country for the Gospel to be proclaimed and God glorified.

Thanks for standing in prayer with us! God Bless!


Stefano and Valentina and their son Nicolò!


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