A Port city of 210.000 people

about 150 christ followers known



To see a multiplying network of Gospel centered community groups permeating the city of Trieste and its surrounding areas who are connected through different church gatherings.

Three of these community groups are currently being developed by the local church body in partnership with our team.

Through prayer and reliance on the Holy Spirit we will use the opportunities God gives us in our relationships to share our faith in Christ (the Gospel of Grace vs Works) and be examples to those around us.  We will be training groups and  facilitating discovery Bible studies to help those who are eager to know more about God on their journey to salvation!  We pray that through this ministry people will discover their desperate need to be reconciled to God, understand the depth of His love, come to know Him intimately, and mature into reproducing, God-glorifying disciples.

Ordinary life

We hope to see God growing our existing christian community, where people can experience fellowship with believers, discover who God is, be inspired to pursue an intimate relationship with Him, and share their faith with others.

As a Church we do not want to just run programs to reach people, but be the light that we are called to be as we as the Church live out the Gospel in our everyday, ordinary lives in the context of biblical community. Living out the Gospel in our lives as a community of believers will naturally result in building relationships, sharing the Gospel and introducing people to our community. We desire that our strategy be less strategic and more natural, bringing Jesus into ordinary life.

being the church

Jesus came into the world to save men and women from their sins through His life, death and resurrection. To be a community of the Gospel, is to have the good news (Jesus) that changes lives as the center of everything we do.

Being a community means that we consider our mission of transformation, evangelization and discipleship as a community project; we do this together.

Being a local church means that we are committed to serve in and around Trieste. We believe that the Gospel creates a community who lives locally and serves the neighbourhood.


A glimpse of Trieste.

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