Someone in Siberia

We are so excited to share that we received news on May 3, 2019 that we were matched with the three sibling group from Russia! Sometimes important news comes in the strangest moments. Andrea was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store when he got the call. We had just returned from an amazing PI conference where we were encouraged and challenged in our walks with Jesus. What was echoing in my mind and still is today was, “Are you willing to give EVERYTHING to Jesus and following Him?” Rain was pouring down and I was waiting in the car for Andrea and Adrien to come running out with the groceries. Adrien jumped in the car and I asked, “where is Papà?” He answered that Andrea was talking on the phone with Fiori Semplici, our agency. Adrien didn't know what that meant at the moment, but I did and I couldn’t stop smiling. As we drove home, which was a total of three minutes, we were totally silent. When we arrived Adrien rushed into the house while Andrea and I sat in the car for a few minutes. Andrea shared with me what the agent had communicated on the phone and we just sat there letting the news wash over us like the pounding rain on the roof of the car. We breathed deep and exhaled prayers of gratitude, wisdom and joy. We surrendered all to Jesus once again and trusted Him with this next phase. On the following Monday the match was confirmed and we were given their names. The boy, Rinat is 6 going on 7, the girls, Ruzanna and Sitora are 5 and 3 going on 4. That day we gave the news to Adrien and he was thrilled. He had told us in the past that he would’ve liked to have two sisters and a brother and so when he heard that this dream was coming true he kept saying, “They copied me!” and “That’s what I said!” We couldn’t have asked for a more joyful response from Adrien. So, here we are May 20, 2019, rain pouring down and suitcases open on the floor. We will be meeting these three little faces in person this Friday! We leave for Siberia this Wednesday. We still have a long road ahead. This trip is the first of three that we will have to do before we can officially be joined as a family in Italy. Adrien will be staying with nonno (grandpa) for the days that we are away. So, please keep him in your prayers. We will be sending updates and photos as things progress. Thank you all so much for praying with us through all these years of adoption. We’ve needed every bit of your support and have been forever blessed by it. We love you and ask that you continue to pray with us as we enter into this next chapter.


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  • That we were matched with these three, sweet little children

  • God’s peace and comfort during this time

  • For the love and support we have in God’s family

  • How this journey has been molding and shaping Andrea and I

Prayer Requests

  • Smooth travel

  • For Rinat, Ruzanna & Sitora’s hearts that they would love Jesus

  • For when we meet and spend time together

  • All the burocratic stuff do go well

  • For our hearts to be filled with Jesus’ peace

  • For Adrien and his time with nonno, his heart as he waits for siblings

  • Wisdom for how we move forward with possible changes in our home, car, financial needs etc.

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